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Bestway Fast Set Up Inflatable Pool Review: Worth It?

Getting ready for summer and thinking about adding a pool to your backyard? We’ve just spent some time using the Bestway 10ft Fast Set Pool, and we have plenty of thoughts to share.

The setup was fairly quick and easy. We just needed a flat surface and an air pump. Once the top ring was inflated and the pool was filled with water, we were ready to dive in. The included 330-gallon filter pump did a good job of keeping the water clean, which made maintenance simple.

Bestway Fast Set Pool

The pool material felt durable and lightweight. It seemed quite sturdy despite the initial concerns about it lasting through the summer. We did notice, though, that it requires frequent checking to keep the upper ring properly inflated.

Bottom Line

For those considering a pool that’s easy to set up and maintain, the Bestway Fast Set Pool is a solid option. Its practicality and durability stood out in our experience. Interested? Click here to purchase the Bestway Fast Set Pool and enjoy your summer days in the water!

Overview of the Bestway 57269E Fast Set Pool

We recently tried out the Fast Set Pool and found it a handy option for small backyards. It’s easy to set up—just inflate the top ring and fill it with water. The pool’s PVC material feels durable and seems ready for many summers. We liked the included filter pump which helps keep the water clean with minimal effort.

A few issues came up, like the top ring needing a bit more attention to keep it inflated properly. It’s also important to have a flat surface; any slight slope can cause problems. Despite these small drawbacks, the pool offers a lot of fun for a decent price.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the Bestway Fast Set Pool was a mixed experience for us. On one hand, it was straightforward and didn’t require much time. We only needed to find a flat surface, inflate the top ring, and then fill it with water. This process took us about an hour.

We did encounter some challenges. Ensuring the ground was completely level was crucial; otherwise, one side of the pool sagged. Additionally, inflating the ring required a separate air pump, which wasn’t included.

In summary, while the setup isn’t overly complicated, it requires attention to detail and a bit of preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly.

PVC Durability and Design

The PVC material used in our Bestway pool is impressively durable. We found it to be tear-resistant and able to withstand constant use without showing signs of wear. This is particularly important for families with active kids who might put additional stress on the pool.

The pool’s design is both simple and effective. The setup process was straightforward, from inflating the top ring to filling it with water. The material held up well against the summer sun, with no noticeable fading.

One minor downside we experienced was with the inflatable ring. It required occasional reinflation to keep the pool fully upright, especially if it wasn’t perfectly level. Despite this, the pool maintained its structural integrity throughout the season. In terms of aesthetics and practicality, the blue color blended nicely with our backyard.

Included 330 GPH Filter Pump

The 330 GPH filter pump that comes with the Bestway pool does a decent job of keeping the water clean. We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up. It’s compact and doesn’t take up much space, which is a big plus.

That said, the pump isn’t the strongest we’ve used. If you have a lot of debris, it might struggle a bit. We found ourselves needing to clean the filter more often than expected.

Some Pros:

  • Easy to set up: Quick installation
  • Compact design: Saves space

Some Cons:

  • Not very powerful: May need frequent cleaning

Overall, the pump is a solid addition but could use a bit more oomph for larger debris.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping our Bestway pool in top shape is simple with regular maintenance. We found that the included filter pump does a decent job at keeping the water clear. It’s important to clean or replace the filter cartridge regularly to maintain efficiency.

We recommend skimming the pool daily to remove leaves and debris. Using a pool cover when it’s not in use helps reduce the cleaning effort. For deeper cleaning, a gentle scrubbing with a pool brush works well to remove any dirt or algae buildup on the sides.

Draining the pool and giving it a thorough scrub at the end of the season ensures it’s ready for storage and use next year. Regular upkeep like this helps our pool last longer and keeps the water sparkling clean for those hot summer days.

Capacity and Measurements

We found the size of this pool just right for our backyard. It measures 10 feet in diameter and stands 30 inches high, making it a great fit for a modest space without overwhelming it.

The pool holds up to 961 gallons of water. This is sufficient for a refreshing family dip. Setting it up was straightforward, and it filled up nicely over a few hours.

For households with limited outdoor space, this pool’s dimensions are advantageous. However, those looking for a more significant swimming area might find the pool a bit small.

Pros and Cons


Setting this pool up was really simple. We didn’t need any tools, just an air pump to inflate the top ring. It only took about an hour to fill up. The pool is big enough for both kids and adults, making it a fun addition for family time.

The material is pretty tough. It’s made of a durable PVC that’s resistant to tears and doesn’t fade in the sun. This means we can use it summer after summer without worry. The included filter pump does a decent job of keeping the water clean, which was a nice surprise.

We also liked that the pool doesn’t take up too much space. At 10 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep, it’s the right size to cool off without feeling cramped. It’s great for kids to splash around in or for us to relax and cool down.


Setting this pool up on an uneven surface can be difficult. It works best on a flat area, so if your yard has a slope, it can make things tricky. We had some trouble with the inflatable ring that holds the sides up; it didn’t always stay fully inflated, causing the sides to sag.

One minor frustration is the color discrepancy. Some might find it irritating when the pool doesn’t match the advertised color, although that didn’t affect our use. Another issue is that it isn’t as sturdy as we hoped. We had to use the provided patches on the air ring after it got a small hole.

Lastly, it’s important to check with your housing agency if you live in a place with rules about above-ground pools. It’s something easy to overlook but could save you trouble later on.

Analyzing Customer Reviews

We read through many reviews to understand what people think about the Bestway pool.

A lot of customers say it’s very easy to set up and inflates quickly. Kids love playing in it, and it holds enough water for a good time. Some users mentioned that it fits several children comfortably.

On the downside, a few people had issues with the inflatable ring losing air, which caused the pool to sag. Another common point is that it’s better for cooling off rather than full swimming. Some found that the color received didn’t match the description but still decided to keep it.


  • Simple setup
  • Kid-friendly size
  • Quick to inflate


  • Inflatable ring may deflate
  • Not ideal for actual swimming
  • Color inconsistencies

These varied experiences highlight both the strengths and weaknesses.


We enjoyed trying out the Bestway Fast Set Up Pool. Setting it up was straightforward, though it’s important to have a flat surface. If the ground isn’t level, it can be tricky. The pool size is perfect for cooling off and for kids to play. We did notice that the inflatable ring needs regular attention to keep the pool sides up. Some users had issues with small holes, but patches included with the kit were effective. For its price, this pool offers good value. It’s a solid choice for a fun backyard activity.